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Sidewalk Vitamins

by Studded Left

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We've worn out so many jeans we've outgrown so many scenes we've had fun and lost some friends around the world and back again Went below the underground gone marauding town to town sleepless where the sun don't set around the world and back again Sick on sidewalk vitamins wearing out our human skins stretching dollar bills so thin around the world and back again I hope you know I'm never lonely with you and our thing we've kept alive Even though troubles surround me I keep thinking they've found me they'll drag me to the night We were international after it was fashionable we were local prodigies has that ever been a thing My tired eyes and leather hands ever youthful innocence generous in mystery erasing our own history
Yes, I miss doing things like we did but it's no use trying to do like we used to and it's not nice keeping dreams on ice well it's quiet now it's too quiet now What if the last ones in the house kept the same hours once the lights went out? What if the last ones in the street got the taste walking free? Golden days, silver nights you can do whatever you like In the house, on the street, you can do whatever you please Just do what you please
Oh, when the town stood still You could be waiting for anyone here Silent streets once filled You could be anyone here Strange Heaven I'm looking round for you The wind's still blowing There's an echo in my vital signs The router's still glowing The lights are shining through the night Strange Heaven I'm looking out for you You could be around here I could be around here too Strange Heaven I'm in heaven and I'm looking out for you
Shut in and soundless in plague-ravaged houses and no one knows what's even real and no one knows how to feel and no one knows if the wheel's gonna break their spine and even I with all my pride that I know the signs, I don't know how I feel What will it take to raise these sick out of their shrouds I burned some effigies and I helping now Well, baby, let's get real Baby, let's get real nice
I got sun damage trying to make up for the kicks I lost This is my beautiful fun Twice a month at least we stay up past two o'clock This is my beautiful fun Used to be we'd rub up on each other in the daylight now we get excited about fabrics that feel nice This is my beautiful fun So why is it we get all the love and then no love? Why do we get all the fun and then no fun? I won't get my kicks on top of your kicks You don't get your kicks on top of my kicks This is my beautiful fun


To the powerful lobbyists who tore a hole on both sides
To the brigands who scrubbed the moon raw
To the special interest groups run off with the glitz
To the whisperers who implied, “I don’t gold spray paint.”
To the black SUV creeping down our block


It was us

We tied a belt around the eyes of the world
We were the one
Who starved the cats
greased the banks
hid a bat in the air filter
lost your vitals in the mail

We out here on the wise edge of Deer Park
outside by your box bush
glowing near your window
pollen & cut grass pads our footsteps
Did you notice gold flecks too late?

We’ll open up your heart & write
grocery lists with the seepage


released May 1, 2020

Written by Erika Thrasher and Tex Kerschen
Performed by Studded Left
Produced by Pleasure 2
C & P Girlgang Music


all rights reserved



Studded Left Houston, Texas


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